Friday, March 16, 2012

LEGO land!!

We went to Legoland yesterday for the first time! It was a blast. Aidan loves everything LEGO so it was really awesome to see it all through his little boy eyes. The weather was perfect, Colin did great for such a little guy, and we all just had a great day. The only thing that could have made it better was if Alex could have joined us but he had to work.

I got very car sick on the way there so that was really rough. It was like being in the midst of my pregnancy all over again so mentally it was really hard to handle. Blah... I felt better once we got there though and the drive home wasn't as bad thanfully. Here are some pictures of our day!

Kennedy Space Center!!

Las Vegas strip

Aidan loved looking at all of the legos

This is what we saw of Colin most of the day :) He slept in the stroller so peacefully...
such a good baby!

He earned his driver's license!! lol

Going to a theme park is completely exhausting!
It was a very exhausting day and I could barely move by the time I came home but we had a great time :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Two months already come and gone...

Colin has been here for two months already! Life just seems to go faster and faster as time goes on. Colin is growing like a weed! He weighed 8.13 lbs at his two month check up and has outgrown most of his preemie clothes. He is now wearing newborn diapers and clothes. He still rolls over whenever we lay him on his stomach and he is becoming more amd more observant every day. He loves mommy (although I am his sole food source so I wouldn't expect anything different!) but he absolutely loves listening to his daddy amd brother talk too. He has started social smiling but only every once in a while. He still makes us work for it! Aidan was smiling constantly by this point so I am getting impatient but his pediatrician reminded me that we need to go by his adjusted age for milestones (when he was supposed to be born) instead of his actual age so at this point he is only about 3 weeks old. He is an old pro at nursing and he absolutely loves his bed. He still wakes up to eat at night but he is doing very well for his size amd adjusted age. He sleeps an average of 16-17 hours every day (12 of those hours are at night). He does have a fussy time every evening but I think most babies do so we just deal with it. Giving him a bath during this time really helps keep him calm though...

My health update:
Every week since Colin was born I have had weekly (and sometimes twice weekly) appointments to my hematologist to follow up on my blood clots and monitor my blood levels because I am still on blood thinners. I have been receiving twice daily injections of Lovenox into my stomach since my clots were discovered in November 2011 and was also placed on Coumadin after Colin was born. My levels have FINALLY reached a level the doctors are happy with so just this week I was able to stop the Lovenox injections. My sore stomach is VERY thankful! I will be on Coumadin for a while longer to make sure I do not develop any more clots but that's much better that two shots a day! My hematologist wants me to go see a couple of other doctors but I have been putting it off because I am so DONE with doctors!! I know I need to go, and I will. I just need more time. My right arm still turns a lovely shade of purple and goes numb which is the reason I need to make an appointment with my vascular surgeon and some of my blood work came back abnormal so I am supposed to go to a rheumatologist for that. Anyway, enough about all of that. I'd rather not think about it... I am still dealing with the emotional toll that HG took on me as well as the physical toll. I wish I could just forget it all happened but it's not that easy. Just thinking about the past year gives me feelings of anxiety and makes me sad for all that I missed. My body is a mess from being depleted of nutrients for so long and then spending so much time in bed at the hospital and with all of the aches and pains I have I sometimes feel like I'm 80 years old rather than 25. Don't get me wrong, I am SO thankful to be feeling so much better that I did when I was pregnant and SO thankful to have two amazing healthy sons and my husband. I just think that God is trying to work on my patience and it is HARD! It's a process and I need to get through it...

Aidan has been as cute as ever and loves his little brother so much! He prayed the other day and thanked God for giving him the "right" brother. I am so glad Aidan doesn't have any issues with jealousy towards Colin. I think part of it is the fact that he is older and is taking on more of a "helper" role. In fact, Aidan loves his brother so much that he unfortunately "shared" his cold with Colin despite our efforts to keep them separate. Because Colin's little lungs are weaker he ended up with pneumonia from his cold but he doing well now. I'm looking forward to watching my boys grow up (but hopefully not too fast!).

That's all of the main updates for this month so it's on to another explosion of photos! I will try to start updating more frequently so I won't need to cram so much into the monthly updates but for now, this is what there is...

Spending time in the Emergency room for pneumonia at 5 weeks old. He cried himself to sleep :(

just hanging out with daddy