Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What happens in Kindergarten...

This is Aidan's first week of Kindergarten and although a bit nervous about it he was also very excited. My mom and I (and the babies of course) walked him there for his first day and he did really well. Went right into his classroom, found his desk, and said goodbye to me. No kisses for me in the school because that would be WAY too embarrassing. 
This kid has grown up way too fast!

I decided after walking that first morning that I would be driving for now until the weather is cooler. 100* + temperatures is just way too hot even though the school is less than a mile away. 

After picking him up in the afternoon I was asking him how his day went and he was flipping all over the room. It's like they gave him some Red Bull during snack or something, seriously. Aidan is not generally a hyper kid but I guess sitting still for 6 hours makes him a bit stir crazy.

So, are you ready to hear what is going on in Kindergarten these days?? Well, here is what he told me........

Today when I got to school I was the first kid in my class so my teacher told me to sit at my desk. Then she put me to sleep and inserted a microchip in my neck that programs me to be able to dance. Now I can do the moonwalk*.

*said while doing a very interesting demonstration*

No matter how many times I asked him what he did at school and no matter who asked him, this is the response I got. Wha???? Kids have the wildest imaginations.

The only other thing he has really told me besides the basics about his day is that he had gym the other day and at gym he told the teacher that he thought the boys should all work on their abs by doing sit ups, planks, crunches, and v up roll ups. I wish I could have seen the teachers face when he said that.  

Aidan has now finished 6 days of school and he seems to be enjoying it for the most part. He has had a perfect report every day and has only asked to stay home because he was "sick" once. That little plan didn't work out like he'd planned. Hopefully he continues to do well and we figure out a way to get the ants out of his pants at the end of the day.

Oh yeah, I asked him what he wants to be when he grows up, and he told me he wants to be "a mechanical engineer with abs just like my dad". So there you have it! If you haven't noticed a pattern here, Aidan is recently obsessed with "getting abs" as he puts it. If we tell him that if he eats (insert favorite food here) then he won't be able to have abs, he actually won't eat it. Silly boy...


  1. Too freaking funny! Love his imagination and his abs! -Jen Dillehay

  2. Hi Tricia! I hope Aiden is enjoying Kindergarten! I'm Heather and I just have a quick question that I was hoping you could answer! Please email me at Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com whenever you get a free moment!