Saturday, February 11, 2012

Our first month home...

It has been quite a month! I am adjusting to life at home and life with a new baby and things are going pretty well overall. I am so thankful to have a healthy baby and to not feel sick anymore that even when things go wrong I am STILL thankful. Colin weighed just 4.4 pounds when we brought him home from the hospital and by two weeks he had made it back to his birth weight of 4.12 lbs. By the end of the month he weighed over 6 lbs! He is such a good eater and easy going baby. At one month old he is wearing Preemie diapers still and preemie clothes as well. Not for long though, he is growing fast. Here's an overview of what happened this month.....

When Colin was 5 days old he had to spend a few days (at home) on a bili bed for jaundice. It was so hard not to cuddle him all the time since he had to stay on the lights but it didn't take long before his jaundice level went down and we were able to get rid of lights. What a happy day that was!

At one week old, Colin decided that it was time to start rolling over and although at first we thought it was just a fluke, he continues to roll over every day. He's such a smart little boy! Aidan is adjusting to having a little brother just great. He loves Colin and is always asking if he can hold him. Here are about a million pictures of our first month!

Day after coming home from the hospital
Colin's first bath in the water - he really liked it!
First full day home and so happy (but tired)!
9 days old
2 weeks old
Colin and one of his uncles
Daisy and daddy just staring
 Our dog Daisy died suddenly when Colin was 3 weeks old. Daisy has been my dog since I was 15 years old so it was definitely a tough time for me. She was such a good dog and as you can see by these pictures, she loved checking on the babies. I have a similar picture of her watching Aidan when we first bought him home from the hospital. The picture below was taken just a few days before she died...

Almost a month old already

Aidan busted his lip open and recieved his first set of stitches. It didn't hold Aidan down long though. As soon as he came home from the hospital he was dancing around as usual...
This is right after he had his stitches taken out. Such a brave boy!

I am really enjoying my new family of four and there is just nothing like being a mommy to little boys. They are messy but it's the best kind of messy there is....

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