Saturday, May 19, 2012

End of the Season...

End of soccer season...

This spring Aidan played on a soccer team for the first time. There is not much that is cuter than a bunch of four year olds trying to figure out what to do when they finally get a hold of that ball. Many times they would just keep going after it no matter what - even when they were waaaayyyyy out of bounds. Too cute! The first game Aidan was too scared to cut in and take the ball from the other team and the game ended with him crying on the sidelines because he only scored one "goalie" and he wanted to score again and again. By the end of the season, not only had he scored several goals but he has learned to get in there and take the ball more (even from his own team mates - we'll have to work on that!). No more tears at all either!!

I knew that he would like playing soccer (it is his mommy's favorite sport to play after all) but I had no clue how much he would LOVE it! We would come home after his games on Saturdays and he would start asking immediately when the next one was! When the next Saturday would finally come he would wake Alex and I up early and ask us every 2 minutes, "Is it time to go yet!?!". I wish I was exaggerating but I'm not, he really did ask that often!

Today he had his final game of the season, comlete with a medal and all! We are definitlely going to be putting him back in soccer in the fall but until then, I will have to find some major distractions for him! 

Mentioning the fall soccer season just reminded me that he will be starting pre-K this August and now I'm sad... **tears**  My baby is growing up!!

Here are some pictures of my cutie having the time of his life...

Gotta stay hydrated!!

He's going for it!

I took this right after he scored his first goal. He was so proud!!

I just love this little guy :)

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