Saturday, May 12, 2012

Where has this year gone!?!

4 months...

4 Months have sped past at lightening speeds. It's hard to believe how pregnancy can go so extremely slow but once the baby arrives, time flies so quickly. Colin is changing every day - especially over the last two weeks or so. He is really developing a personality! He is such a smiley boy and is more and more interactive every day. He nurses every 2-3 hours during the day still but sleeps through the night most of the time so I can handle that. He still sleeps a lot during the day but I think it is time to start transitioning him to fewer, longer naps rather than the frequent, shorter ones.  He now weighs 11 lbs 12 oz. and is 23 inches tall! What a big boy!!
5.11.2012 - 4 months exactly

  • Let's see, this past month Colin has become a rolling machine! He has been rolling from his tummy to back consistently since he was only 7 days old but now he is much better and faster at it. He can roll from his back to his tummy some now too.
  • We had to retire his bassinet and move him into a pack n play to sleep :( He can still fit into his bassinet but he is moving WAY too much to stay in there. Now that he is in the pnp he moves all over the place in it. I never know where I'll find him in there or what goofy position he will end up in!
  • When he is laying on his stomach (assuming he doesn't flip immediately over) he can scoot all over the place. He lays his head down, puts his hiney in the air with his knees under him and propels himself forward with his legs. He looks like a little inchworm.
  •  Just this past week or so he has really started reaching for and grabbing toys. He would hold on to things that I would hand him before but now he is doing it on purpose and all by himself. It's so cute!

  • He is now officially a chatterbox! This child talks ALL. THE. TIME. Sometimes he even "talks" himself to sleep. I love standing in my room listening to him. He sure does love the sound of his voice (and we do too)!
Colin has also developed some traits that are not so awesome but I know it's only temporary!
  • He has decided that there are two people in the world: The Momma (me obviously) and NOT The Momma (everyone else he comes into contact with). He has become quite attached and will often start screaming as loud as he can if I pass him off to someone else. Athough I am so extremely proud that my boy loves me so much, it would be nice if he would let someone else hold him so I could have a break every once in a while! Besides, I think he has hurt some people's feelings when he doesn't want them :(.
*Everytime I think of Colin's apparent view of everyone else (not the momma!), it makes me think of this clip from the TV series Dinosaurs...

  • He REFUSES a bottle if we are out in public. Just picture the loudest, angriest baby you can imagine. This is what he becomes when we attempt to stick a bottle in his mouth. I normally nurse him but I have a stash of milk in my freezer and when I go out it would be really convenient to feed him a bottle. Nope, not gonna happen! He used to take it without a fuss but now it just makes him mad. Oddly enough, he WILL take the bottle if we are at home or in the car. As long as he can't see any strangers he drinks the bottle right up. Maybe it's a security thing for him to nurse when he is in an unfamiliar place, I don't know...
Well, that is my Colin update :) Now it's time for an update on the first born...

  • Aidan is just being as goofy as ever. He is definitely his father's son. He says so many things that have us laughing (and sometimes shocked) constantly. I really need to be better at writing the things that he says down... I'll work on that...
  • He absouletly loves playing soccer and has really improved his skills. It is adorable watching all of those 4 year olds trying to figure out the right way to run and steal the ball from their own team members. Too funny.
  • Also, Aidan is officially signed up for preschool for the fall. What happened to my little 5.6 lb squishy newborn that I had just 4 years ago!?! He is very excited about school and I think he is really going to enjoy it. He's ready to go now! Me... Not so much :)

 I probably need to have a separate blog post about how I'm doing at this point. Things definitley aren't great. I am having a lot of lingering problems related to my difficult pregnancy and I'm having a hard time knowing what to do about everything. I wish that things had just resolved immediately when Colin was born but they did not and now I need to figure everything out...

Here are some pictures that were taken over the past month. I FINALLY have some pictures of me and the boys! Alex isn't in any of them but I'm working on that.

He's going after the ball!!

4.14.2012 - My sweet little soccer player!
4.23.2012 - this boy has killer blue eyes :)
4.24.2012 - Snuggling with one of his aunts!

My sweet 4 month old...

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