Friday, June 22, 2012

Adventures in Cloth Diapering!

 New Adventures in Cloth Diapering....

Let me just start off by saying I NEVER considered using cloth diapers before. As in, the thought never ever EVER crossed my mind. I honestly don't even know what made me decide to start off on this new adventure in the first place but now that I have I am hooked. I spent the same amount of money to get started as I would normally spend on diapers for just one month - and Colin will be able to wear the same diapers for a very long time. I am beyond excited at the prospect at saving money and there are many other benefits of using cloth also.

Colin has very sensitive skin and has been getting diaper rashes since he was just a couple of weeks old. I haven't used regular wipes in a while now because of it (I've been making my own using Viva paper towels and baby wash/baby oil mixture). The homemade wipes were helping but he was still having some problems. Since we started using cloth (officially a week and a half ago), he has not had a rash yet. That is until I switched back to sposies for a day because we were planning on being out most of the day. Thankfully his rash has cleared up and we are back to cloth!

One of the other HUGE bonuses to using cloth is the fact that we have not had any leaks. NOT ONE LEAK!! This is a HUGE deal!! Colin has what we like to call "poopsplosions" and in disposables he would leak out of his diaper every single time. It was always tons of fun when we were out of the house and he started leaking onto his (and sometimes my) outfit.... <--- NOT!!! Since we started using cloth diapers he has not messed up any outfits at all. I wasn't even aware of this bonus when we started using but I'll take it!!

Well, now that I've talked about the diapers, let me show them to you. They're pretty adorable if I do say so myself!!

Here is part of my stash :)

This shows how adjustable the diapers are. They fit from 7-35 pounds!

This is Colin's nighttime diaper. He never makes it through the night in a disposable diaper. He always wets out if I don't change him midway through the night. This diaper gets him through 12+ hours. Yes!
So, there you have it! I am still learning but I am loving it so far!!


  1. What brand are you using? They look adorable. I will def be using "real nappies" when I have my baby in November. Just wandering where you brought them from. Thanks

    1. Thank you! They are Sunbaby Pocket diapers. You can find them on Congratulations on your baby on the way!!!