Monday, July 9, 2012

Being sick is a family affair...

Being sick is NO FUN!!!

This week we experienced our first time that the entire family has been sick at one time. That's right! All four of us were sick AT THE SAME TIME!! Talk about family fun! NOT!!

My throat started to feel fun while I was in Orlando on Monday and I just knew what was coming. Aidan was a little stuffed up Sunday morning so I guess he shared with me. Tuesday morning my throat felt like I had eaten glass, it hurt SO bad! Colin also woke up sick on Tuesday. Maybe that's why he was a little fussy on Monday... Hmmmmm....

Anyway, unfortunately Colin had the worst of it. On a good note, all he wanted to do was cuddle so I got TONS of baby lovin'. That part was great :) We are on the mend now thankfully. My cold is gone but I am having bad asthma. I'm on steroids for that though so I should be significantly better in a few days. Aidan and Alex are completely better and Colin is working on it. Here are some pictures of my little sick boy because he's just so dang cute!!

sweet thing...
Colin was supposed to be sleeping but daddy fell asleep instead :)

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