Thursday, July 5, 2012

Road trip!!

This past weekend Colin and I went on a little road trip with three of my (not so) little sisters, my mom, and Katrina (my big sis). On Sunday we left and drove to my grandmas house to spend some time with her and Monday we drove to Orlando to spend the day shopping. Soooo fun! We have been talking about doing this very road trip forever and it finally happened!

We went to IKEA, and the outlet mall and shopped 'til we dropped. Colin was an absolute trooper and didn't even cry on the long car rides. It was an exhausting trip for sure but I can't wait to do it again!!

keys: CHECK!
toys: CHECK!
this is how we shop!
my sweet boy was SO good in his carseat
she's probably going to hurt me for this one <3 Love you Katrina!
Look what I found at IKEA!!! and yes, I definitely HAD to take it him home with me :)

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